Community Rules

Last Revised: December 12, 2018
# Rule Policy

The failure of an Answer Provider to appear for a scheduled call two (2) or more times within a 360-day period is grounds for permanently barring a Member from continued participation as an Answer Provider.

Answer Providers who fail to appear for scheduled calls jeopardize the utility and value of the platform to other Members and, therefore, may be culled from participation as Answer Providers.


Members shall exercise care not to disclose work product, client communications or strategy, or inquire about or reveal a Member’s identity.

This is to protect against the disclosure of prejudicial information to opposing counsel or someone in a position to convey prejudicial information to opposing counsel in the unlikely event that two Members who represent opposing parties, or who are in a position to convey information to an opposing party or counsel, participate together in a consultation on Orbis Juris.


In all communications, either written or oral, Members must address other Members by their Alias. The Alias is the first element of the Username, i.e., the part that precedes the numeric sequence. For example, a Member with the Username, Susan18387424, would be addressed as Susan.

For the reasons set forth above, Orbis Juris requests Members to assiduously maintain anonymity at all times. Consistent use of the Alias is indispensable to maintaining anonymity. By absolutely mandating its use, we relieve Members of having to explain or justify their use of the Alias.


In all communications, either written or oral, Members must refrain from engaging in social conversation.

This protects Members’ anonymity. It is also deters Answer Providers from wasting the time or resources of Answer Receivers.


Members must not circumvent or attempt to circumvent Orbis Juris.

This protects Members’ anonymity. It also protects the sustainability of the platform, which cannot exist in the absence of remuneration commensurate with the service it provides.


Orbis Juris reserves the right to partially restrict or completely bar a Member from participation in the platform based on: i) his or her violation of any of the foregoing rules or ii) any conduct which in the view of Orbis Juris threatens the integrity of the platform. A Member who has been restricted or barred may be restored to full participation upon approval by Orbis Juris following written petition by the Member.

Orbis Juris imposes serious penalties for misconduct as a means of preserving the reliability and utility of the platform.