Important Transaction Details

Last Revised: March 13, 2019

Audio Test: Prior to the first call you make on any particular device, please visit, click to check “Audio-only” and then click on the “Run Test” button. The run time for the test is about 1 minute and upon completion a dashboard will appear, which will indicate whether your system is properly configured for the API that supports our platform’s call feature. The dashboard also allows you to check to make sure your microphone is working properly. During the audio test or any call conducted over our platform, answer “yes” to any automatically generated window which asks your permission to turn on, or grant access to, any audio features.

Email Whitelist: Please check your email program’s spam folder and move any emails from to your inbox. Thereafter please adjust the settings in your email program to whitelist

Rate: The Answer Receiver pays the Answer Provider a fee based upon the duration of the call and the hourly rate submitted by the Answer Provider and accepted by the Answer Receiver (“Consultation Fee”).

30-Minute Minimum: An important exception to the calculation of the Consultation Fee set forth immediately above is that for calls which last less than 30 minutes, the Answer Receiver will pay a Consultation Fee based upon an imputed 30-minute session. Thus, for example, the Consultation Fee for a 12-minute call at a $200 per hour rate would be $100. Not $40.

Minimum Hourly Fee: The minimum hourly fee which an Answer Provider may charge an Answer Receiver is $20.

Minimum Duration: No Consultation Fee will be charged for calls which last less than 1 minute.

Transaction Fee: Orbis Juris charges a 15% transaction fee (“Transaction Fee”) on the Consultation Fee. This Transaction Fee is deducted from the Consultation Fee prior to transfer of the net payment (“Net Payment”) to the Answer Provider. Thus, in the case of a call which gave rise to a $200 Consultation Fee, the Answer Receiver would pay $200 and the Answer Provider would receive $170 less the Transfer Fees (defined below). The Transaction Fee is subject to change. Any changes to the Transaction Fee will be posted here.

Transfer Fees: The Transfer Fees are comprised of the following fees charged by Stripe and PayPal: 2.9% of the Consultation Fee plus $0.30 (“Stripe Fee”) and the lesser of $1 and 2% of that amount which equals the Consultation Fee less the sum of the Transaction Fee and the Stripe Fee (“PayPal Fee”). The Stripe Fee, PayPal Fee and Transfer Fees are subject to change. Any changes to the Transfer Fees will be posted here.

Debit and Transfer: A call begins when both the Answer Provider and Answer Receiver have both logged into the scheduled call. Throughout the call, a timer displays the current duration of the call. The call ends when one of the parties logs out. At the end of the call the Consultation Fee is automatically calculated and displayed to the Answer Receiver and the Net Payment is automatically calculated and displayed to the Answer Provider. In order to obtain receipt of the Net Payment, the Answer Provider must click on the green “Request Payment” button which will be displayed after the termination of the call. On account of security protocols employed by Stripe and the internal policies of most banks, it typically takes 4 to 5 days to transfer the Net Payment to an Answer Provider. To check the status of a Net Payment, an Answer Provider should monitor his or her Mailbox and check the appropriate panel listed in the Provide Answer – Completed Calls tab.

Late or Absent: If a Member fails to log into a scheduled call within five minutes after the time appointed for the call, that Member will be deemed to be late for the call. At such point, a logged-in Member may elect to continue to wait for the other Member or to log out and thereby cancel the call. In the event that the logged-in Member is an Answer Provider and elects to log out and thereby cancel the call, then the Answer Receiver would be charged and debited a Consultation Fee equal to one-half hour times the hourly rate agreed upon by the Members. In the event that the logged-in Member is an Answer Receiver and elects to log out and thereby cancel the call, then the Answer Provider would be deemed to have missed a meeting. The failure of an Answer Provider to appear for a scheduled call two or more times within a 360-day period is grounds for permanently barring such Member from continued participation as an Answer Provider.

Call Cancellation: The platform allows Members to cancel scheduled calls up to 30 minutes prior to the time of a scheduled call. Thereafter, a scheduled call cannot be canceled.